Gantry Robots

For Machine Tool Automation

Designed for your requirements!

Customer designed gantry robots based on standard modular construction build the basic of very efficient automation solutions with the advantage of excellent accessibility with low space consumption.

All types of machine tools that can be loaded from above through a loading hatch or through the opened machine door can be equipped with gantry robots.

They are used for lathes, grinding machines, machining centres, gear cutting – gear grinding machines, hardening machines and for machines for many other operations.

We use FRAI standard components for different workpiece weights up to 200 kg (special applications up to 1.000 kg).
These can be combined to linear gantries, jip arm gantries and area gantries.

Gantry robots are used for flexible single machine automation as well as for interlink of several machine tools.

According to the circumstances and the customer requirements like size of batches, material flow, cycle time and so on there are different forms of link individual processes:

- gantry interlinked machines
- in line integration
- manufacturing cells with container stacks

Das Unternehmen - Frai Elektromaschinenbau GmbHDas Unternehmen - Frai Elektromaschinenbau GmbHDas Unternehmen - Frai Elektromaschinenbau GmbH

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